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Will I ever qualify for secured credit or for a Mortgage?

Yes!  A number of banks now offer "secured" credit cards where a debtor  puts up a certain amount of money (as little as $200) in an account at the bank to guarantee payment.  Usually the credit limit is equal to the security given and is increased as the debtor proves his or her ability to pay the debt.  Two years after a bankruptcy discharge, debtors are eligible for mortgage loans on terms as good as those of others, with the same financial profile, who have not filed bankruptcy.  The size of your down payment and the stability of your income will be much more important than the fact you filed bankruptcy in the past. The fact you filed bankruptcy stays on your credit report for 10 years.  It becomes less significant the further you are removed from the bankruptcy. 

The Law Office of Martin & Loiacono welcomes you.

The decision to file bankruptcy can be a difficult and stressful one. Many people view bankruptcy as a last resort, but actually bankruptcy can be a new beginning for you and your family. Imagine the relief of having all of your credit card debts erased in a single filing, while keeping your home, your car, and your cell phone. Imagine putting an immediate stop to the all of the harassing phone calls. This may be a real possibility for you.

If you work hard and still struggle to pay your bills, and if your debts seem out of control and overwhelming, do not be embarrassed to call to discuss your options in a free confidential consultation.

Virtually all of our clients are hard-working, honest people like you, who just happen to have fallen upon difficult financial times due to the current economy. Walt Disney, Abraham Lincoln, and Milton Hershey have all taken advantage of bankruptcy filing to get back on their feet to accomplish great things, so why not you?

Do not be swayed by misleading advice about bankruptcy from television and radio ads, or well-intentioned friends or family. Graig Martin, our bankruptcy partner, is not only an expert in these matters, but he is experienced, dedicated, and honest, and he will fight hard for your success.

Please feel free to look around our website, www.mlattorneys.com, but please do not hesitate to contact us, and we will help you through this difficult time. You are not alone. Call Martin & Loiacono, your neighborhood lawyers, to see if you qualify for the relief and the new start that you deserve.

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